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Castello del Tempovita

Fra le tracce del Tempo e l'Amore per la Vita

Location storica a nord di Roma

Uniqueness Charm Elegance



San Vito centro 20, 05035 San Vito di Narni

'TEMPOVITA' CASTLE, Location for Unforgettable Events and Weddings. In Narni, in Umbria,

50 km from Rome, Lazio



P.IVA 01660700194


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The enchanted place, out of time, in which to celebrate your unique and exclusive day

Segnala ad un amico



Ceremonies, Baptisms, Communions, Confirmations, Private parties, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Graduation parties

Corporate events, incentives

Location set for television, film and advertising productions

Exhibition space


The Castle makes some parts available, such as: outside there are the hanging garden areas, which take 480 sq.m, and inside there are some different dimension rooms. You will find a unique environment, full of charm and romance that will be a lovely background for your wedding pictures.

It's possible to organize an Outdoor Event:

Welcome Cocktail, drinking and exploring the garden spaces, that spread over different heights, served with buffet, in respect of the Umbrian tradition.

The Panoramic Terrace lets you sit for the courses served at the table (85 sits) and lets you enjoy the amazing view of the Tiber Valley, the hanging garden with its fountains and the majestic Roman Tower, which overlooks the castle.

The scenic Pompeian acts as a frame for the garden and, because of its fountain made with Carrara Marble, it's perfect for the cake cutting. This fancy structure is limited in high by a crenellated Solarium from which you can admire a lovely panorama. It's the perfect place to use for the musical arrangement. A pebbled flight of steps guides you at the second floor of the garden where the stately Roman tower dominates.

It's possible to organize a Indoor Event too:

Refined Welcome Cocktail, inside the roman rooms and the vault (basement), served by the waiters, in a very suggestive context. The upper rooms let the guests to sit, for the served courses: the marble saloon (50 sits more or less), 'belvedere' room (40 sits more or less), with an amazing view of the valley.

This so well structured environment is perfect for the combination of magic indoor and outdoor moments, for a continuous surprise effect. 'Tempovita' Castle will be exclusively granted during your Wedding day: you will be the absolute protagonists of your event.


Ceremonies, Baptisms, Communions, Confirmations, Private parties, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Graduation parties, 'Tempovita' Castle will be granted exclusively on the day of your special event, with its unique and fascinating environments.

It will be possible to organize the entire event outdoor: the placement of the tables on the large Panoramic Terrace (85 people) will allow you to enjoy a spectacular view of the Tiber Valley, the hanging garden with its fountains and the majestic roman tower, which dominates the castle.

At sunset the areas of the garden, the tower and the terraces will be evocatively illuminated.

Whether it's day or night, your event will be impeccable!

The location has air-conditioned rooms, for a capacity of about 85 people, which will allow a possible internal reception, or the combination of magical indoor and outdoor moments.

The beginning of a unique experience whose memory will remain alive in you and in the guests of your party!


Outside the hanging garden areas with the Panoramic Terrace on the Tiber Valley, with about 85 seats;

the scenographic Esedra Pompeiana that creates a wonderful frame to the garden, 

 with its Carrara marble fountain;

a crenellated Solarium where you can enjoy an enchanting view.

A pebbled flight of steps leads to the imposing Roman Tower that dominates the entire complex from above. On this level there is the delightful "knights and ladies lodge".

Inside you will find different dimension lounges. Those positioned at the garden level are all communicating with each other and will allow you to accommodate a considerable number of guests:

the 50-seat Marble Salon, the Belvedere Room with around 40 seats, the Glory room and the Veranda.

On the ground floor, you will also have a room and two adjoining small rooms, from the Roman era, while in the basement, you can organize buffets and arrangements in a truly evocative setting. 

A so articulated environment perfectly lends itself to the combination of indoor and outdoor moments for a continuous surprise effect!


The small 'Tempovita' Castle and the entire medieval village that surrounds it arised and expanded over the centuries around the imposing Squared Tower, whose construction dates back to the first half of the first century A.C. The Tower of San Vito was part of a long series of "look-out", erected on fortified forts placed on the top of the sub-Apennine ridge from Rome to the north of the Empire. These towers, of which San Vito is the only one still present, with the exception of some ruins, were regularly used with an ingenious system of "transmission": reflecting mirrors during the day and fires during the night. The Emperor-philosopher Marcus Aurelius could thus keep himself informed about what was happening from Rome to the Brenner and in the provinces of Aquitaine, Germany and Rezia.

Going over the centuries, we find a very hard used Tower of San Vito at the time of Charle Magne, who only in this way could receive, in Aquisgrana, almost in "real time", the appeal of Pope Leo III and thus succeed in saving him from the conspiracy of 799. In the late Middle Ages the 'curtis Sancti Viti' became a "fief" after the purchase of the Scotti family in 1279.

Even today the Village dominates the plain from Valtiberina to Valnerina, used as a sentry between Orte and Narni. From the highway of sun you can see the noble and robust tower surrounded by the composite castle with its crenellated walls.

In 1989 Professor Roberto L. Pancari discovered the small village of San Vito. A life dedicated to poetry, journalism, art and music; traveler by nature and work, deep knower of the world and of many languages. He did not imagine that within those centuries-old walls a timeless paradise was hidden, which immediately captured him so deeply, to stop him, make him leave his works and dedicate to it the last twenty years of his life, through a long restoration.

Today he is gone and his ashes are kept in the chapel in the garden.

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